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June 30, 2007

Spice Girls on Yahoo! News Photos

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Spice Girls on Yahoo! News Photos



Two stage hands die after Rolling Stones Spain gig – Yahoo! News

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Two stage hands die after Rolling Stones Spain gig – Yahoo! News

Prince’s free album causes storm with retailers –

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Prince’s free album causes storm with retailers –

Okay, so this is very interesting to me. First he gave away a CD for every ticket issued to his show. Now he is giving it away with every newspaper sold. First off….how much is he getting from the tabloid? I would assume he is getting the equivalent to what his cut is from the record label. So, he is happy. Tabloid sells more copies than usual, so they are happy. Honestly, though, below the surface of the obvious reason the label is unhappy, do you not think that more records will be sold via word of mouth? It’s only a one day “giveaway” and if you have belief that the product is good enough to sell, then don’t you think you should rely on that belief? Honestly, how many copies are going to be given away for free? Few hundred thousand, max? Big deal.

June 20, 2007

Carter looking as if he’s going nowhere –

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Lovin’ it.  Once again, our feeble mediatypes blow things way out of proportion, way too early and it all comes back to bite them in the ass. Orrrrr… Vince once again playing them like a violin?  Either way, the man is a genius both on and off the court.

Carter looking as if he’s going nowhere –
For the first time since he ar rived in New Jersey, he is allowing assistant coach Bob Thate tinker with his jumper in shooting drills. He’s watching every college workout the Nets conduct along with the Knicks, until the inevitable mo ment that Isiah Thomas pulls him aside for a private discussion, which amused some Nets officials. He generally looks like a man who is exceedingly content with his environment — so much that he has yet to return to his Florida off-season home, though he has plans to do so this weekend.

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