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August 30, 2007

Charlize Theron ‘Addicted’ to Deal or No Deal – Deal Or No Deal

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Charlize Theron ‘Addicted’ to Deal or No Deal – Deal Or No Deal, Charlize Theron, Howie Mandel :
While shooting their new film, In the Valley of Elah, on location in Albuquerque, N.M., “I went to Charlize’s trailer to talk to her about a scene, and I heard these really strange sounds inside,” Haggis told PEOPLE Wednesday at a screening of Elah in New York’s Sag Harbor. “I heard Howie Mandel’s voice. Inside the trailer, she was watching the video-[game] version of Deal or No Deal.”

Haggis, who’d never seen the show before, said Theron, 32, told him: “‘Shh … shh … shh. He’s offering the guy $200,000.’ I said, ‘Charlize, the guy’s offering you $200,000 – take the money,” said Haggis. “And she said, ‘No, no, no. I’ll wait for more.'”

Continued Haggis, “Then it went to $300,000, and I was like, ‘Charlize, take the money, it’s $300,000.’ It got to $600,000, $700,000. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, ‘Take the money! Take the money! Take the money!’ And she was saying, ‘No, no.’ She was addicted to the show.”

Oh man…if it really is possible to piss yourself from laughing too hard…I think I just did.  Brilliant. More laundry.


Victoria Beckham turns “Ugly” for Betty

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Victoria Beckham turns “Ugly” for Betty – Yahoo! News

Poshie is going to be on  Ugly Betty for a guest spin. How nice. Sorry, no….how major.

Britney / KFed documents

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0830_brit_kfed_full_wm_01.pdf (application/pdf Object)

For you legal types, here is the link to the paperwork of Loser vs Loser.  $737,000 a month is all she makes? Seems low, no?

August 29, 2007

Chaotic Britney bares her soul…and her bottom

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Chaotic Britney bares her soul…and her bottom | the Daily Mail

Some loser forgot to put her pants on…

Britney Spears Turned Down ‘Umbrella’

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Britney Spears Turned Down ‘Umbrella’ – Starpulse News Blog
He made the revelation to British singer/songwriter Taio Cruz. Cruz says, “I was working with Tricky in his studio the day he finished Umbrella. As soon as I heard it I said, ‘That is a smash, I have to have it,’ but he told me it was on hold for Britney. He waited but Britney’s people never called him back.”

In 2008, all dictionaries will have the following photo beside the word “loser”:

Jennifer Aniston Is Generous With Her Friends

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Jennifer Aniston Is Generous With Her Friends – Starpulse News Blog
“Jennifer pays for everything all the time,” insider tells Star. “If she plans a vacation, you know she’s footing the bill for her entire entourage.”

“Jen’s assistant books it all,” the insider continues. “The planes, the cars, the hotels, the meals, the activities, the spa services, the clothes they wear on vacation, the cocktails – it’s so over the top! She’s like the sugar daddy everyone wishes they had, except she’s a woman! You could call her sugar mama!”

Okay, so wait. She asks you to go away with her, she pays for the whole thing, and you get to be within 5 feet of Jennifer Aniston???  This is like Santa extending the 21 days of Christmas.  Goddamn!!!

August 28, 2007

Jennifer Esposito takes my call.

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Jennifer Esposito & Bradley Cooper Finalize Divorce – Starpulse News Blog

First Jessica turns her back on her man for me, now Jennifer. Life is sweet.

August 27, 2007

Jay-Z Threatened To Throw Rihanna Out Of A Window

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Jay-Z Threatened To Throw Rihanna Out Of A Window – Starpulse News Blog
She recalls, “The audition definitely went well. They (Def Jam) locked me into the office – till 3am. And Jay Z said, ‘There’s only two ways out. Out the door after you sign this deal. Or through this window…’ and we were on the 29th floor. Very flattering.”

Sweet. Maybe we now know the real reason her foot has been in a boot cast for the past month…

Alba is the sexiest female ever..

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::: :::

Some clown came up with a mathematical way to rate a womans hotness level. Blah blah…..but they hit it on the head with the winner: Jessica Alba.  I knew I should have taken math.

Nannies quit on the Becks.

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News of the World
“You’d imagine it’s a dream job working for celebrities like that in California. But these two trained professionals said it was a nightmare.

“They complained Victoria SPOKE DOWN to them, her mother Jackie BOSSED them about and they felt like DOGSBODIES.”

The first nanny, New Zealander Zara, had been with the family over a year. The second, Londoner Claire, fled after only six months.

They were hired to look after eight-year-old Brooklyn, Romeo, four, and Cruz, two. But another source told us: “Both girls ended up having to cook and clean up for all the family. Victoria and Jackie constantly nagged and ordered them about.”

That just isn’t right!  Poor Posh and Becks left to look after their children by themselves. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!

August 25, 2007

Jessica Alba’s ass….

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This picture defines hotness with clothing on:

Jessica Alba

Feisty David Beckham shows temper

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FOX Sports on MSN – USA – Feisty David Beckham shows temper

Atta boy, Becks….show them you are a mans man!! Don’t let him touch you on your hip.

Rough start for Starbucks

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Starbucks said it didn’t go further and create a themed Frappuccino, for example, because it didn’t want to overly commercialize the tie-in.

Good to hear. I’d hate to be heard ordering a tall, non-fat, triple whipped, double twisted, single belched chocolate covered Arctic Tale latte.  This whole Starbucks as pusher thing kills me. I hate it at the fast food chains as well, but at least they are pushing to kids. Starbucks is pushing to grown-ups that surely can make an informed decision without having to walk into a coffee house and get assaulted by plush toys.

August 23, 2007


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This video has me wondering how long it takes to learn to become a video cameraman. If you know, please let me know…

This is gonna be huge….

Justin Timberlake just signed on for The Love Guru, the movie that features the return of Mike Myers and also stars Jessica Alba. Huge, I say. Well, except for Vern Troyer, he is kinda small.  Filming starts in Toronto in September.  Can you imagine the paparazzi here during those few months?!


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Jessica Alba and Cash Warren8/22/07 Jessica & Cash Gallery | POPSUGAR – Celebrity Gossip & News.

Seems like Cash & Alba might be back together. This sucks. I’m hoping this is a goodbye meeting and Jess has finally told him about me. It’s only right that he should find out from her.

Jenna Jameson: Why I Removed My Breast Implants

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Jenna Jameson: Why I Removed My Breast Implants |
On why she had her implants removed:
“When I had implants, I felt uncomfortable. I would be shy at the beach. I know it sounds funny, but I’d wear high-necked clothes – unless I was at an adult-film convention. So I thought, Why don’t I be who I am and get my real ones back?”

So, you’ll take the money shot, perform Russian, get DP’d, but NOT want to wear a bikini on a beach. Wow. Blondes DO have more fun.

Bill Murray: Drunken driving in a golf cart?

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Bill Murray: Drunken driving in a golf cart? –

You can have your Britney, Lindsay and Beyonce stories.  I’ll take this Bill Murray one any day.  Drunk driving a golf cart and then refusing the sobriety test at 3:30am.  Pure brilliance.  This man is my hero.

August 21, 2007

Beyonce Loses Top at Toronto concert Deja Vu

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She fell down the stairs at one show, nearly killed somebody with pyro at another, and now she flashes her Toronto fans.

Beyonce could be the new Winehouse…

This is how we do it..

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It’s been 12 years since his last hit, but Montell Jordan is back with semi-clad women, backrubs, and a tight track.  This isn’t Sean Kingston kack, but real r&b. Enjoy.

Show him the honeys

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Show him the honeys

Wheee…Cuba Gooding Jr is laying it DOWN!!  5 girls, all at the same table at the same time?? Now, THAT is ballsy. Wonder what his wife thinks…

Hmmm…I wonder…

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From todays Daily News:

Which druggy young actress, who commands in the solid seven figures per role, is infamous for pocketing the rolled-up bills of her pals after snorting cocaine?

My guess:

August 19, 2007

Amy is a sex loving bitch

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News of the World
Johnny, 27, said: “She was wild. I didn’t know about her other lovers at the time.

“She went for hours and couldn’t get enough. We must have gone through five or six different positions. She liked being on top.

“She made a lot of noise and loved being spanked on her a***. It was really rock ‘n’roll.”

I wonder if they have tried tying her down during her rehab stint? She’d probably get off on that too and might want to stay a while.

No moaning!!

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eXile – Issue #269 – In Brief – In Brief

Wow, who would have guessed this one?  A tennis star not moaning during sex?? Especially one that moans and grunts on the court?  I’m with Adam….stick with the Easter Bunny.

Elvis and Lisa Marie Presley – In The Ghetto

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I don’t even know what to say. This has to be the worst music video I have ever ever EVER seen. It’s pathetic. From babies in cribs playing with guns, to horrible jump editing, to fake tears…..Incredibly bad.

August 17, 2007

Best of Tina Fey

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One of the few good reasons left to watch SNL…

August 16, 2007

David Beckham – First Goal for LA Galaxy

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YouTube – David Beckham – First Goal for LA Galaxy – Free Kick v’s DC

Well, thank God the wait is over. Here you go, keep it for posterity and pass along to your grandchildren. Oh, and Posh makes an appearance as well.  Nice to see Davey can still bend it.


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NOT REALLY REAL | | Gossip – New York Post Online Edition

What?!? The Hills isn’t really real and they do re-takes and stuff?!?!  NO WAY!!!


August 15, 2007

Madonna shocks aeroplane passengers with mid-air vitamin jab

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Madonna shocks aeroplane passengers with mid-air vitamin jab | Showbiz | This is London

Madonna pokes herself instead of eating. I’d rather eat.

Russians get day off to procreate, then win prizes

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The Denver Post – Russians get day off to procreate, then win prizes

We get Simcoe Day, they get Procreation Day.  Sometimes Russia just kicks Canada’s ass.

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