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September 22, 2007

Britney, Britney, Britney…

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News of the World
Tony said: “She has a terrible farting and burping problem. She burps and farts A LOT.”

And Tony revealed that Britney expected TWO cups of Starbucks coffee each day when she got up between 1pm and 2pm.

“She would want either ‘The Hot One’—a grande vanilla latte—or ‘The Cold One’—a grande mocha frappe.

“She would only ever have one but I always had to fetch her both. It was such a waste.”


September 18, 2007

Manager Dumps Britney

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Manager Dumps Britney |
Kwatinetz tells, “It saddens us to confirm media reports that we have terminated our professional relationship with Britney Spears. We have represented Britney for the past month. We believe Britney is enormously talented, and has made a terrific record. But current circumstances have prevented us from properly doing our job. We wish Britney the best.”

oh oh….the house of cards is falling. A month? Only ONE MONTH?  Jesus, Brit….

britney spears

September 17, 2007

Britney tried to back out of VMA performance 10 minutes before show

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Cele|bitchy » Blog Archive » Britney tried to back out of VMA performance 10 minutes before show
“Britney started yelling at Kevin that she didn’t want the boys to watch because she felt her nearly naked body and provocative dance moves would be too much for them to see,” said her friend.

“Kevin fired back: ‘But you walk around the house naked all the time! What’s the difference?’”

While getting last-minute touchups to her hair and makeup, Britney dropped a bombshell – telling producers she couldn’t perform.

“Britney knew that her rehearsal hadn’t gone well. But it was 10 minutes before she was supposed to go on stage – and the MTV bigwigs had a fit!” a source revealed.

“They told Britney that if she didn’t go one, they’d sue her. So she agreed to go ahead.”

September 12, 2007

Kanye: MTV Exploited Britney for Ratings

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Kanye: MTV Exploited Britney for Ratings
Kanye West blames MTV for Britney Spears’ less than stellar performance at the Video Music Awards. “Man, they were just trying to get ratings, and they knew she wasn’t ready and they exploited her,”

You know, I’m not a huge Kanye fan and his comments normally make me sick, but he is dead on here. It was a ratings ploy and it was obvious, especially when MTV denied 2-3 weeks ago that Britney would be appearing, even though she was in rehearsals to do so.  They got what they wanted since I can’t believe they would get higher ratings than last year if they didn’t have Britney.

Also, kudos to Justin Timberlake for 2 swipes at MTV for not playing videos anymore. Kind of makes that award show a little useless, no?


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WHY BRITNEY COULDN’T HACK IT | | Gossip | Celebrity Gossip | Photos
“She went to her hotel room and ordered a bunch of food and some frozen margaritas,” the spy said. “She came down, like, an hour later with a frozen margarita in her hand.”

When Spears preformed on Sunday, she stumbled a couple times and couldn’t remember the words she was lip-syncing. She covered her mouth at one point but by the end of the song had simply given up any pretense of singing.

“The dance number was spectacular – without her,” said our spy at rehearsal. “When the stand-in was rehearsing with the dancers, in the hours they were all waiting for her, it was amazing. Then Britney showed up and refused to do anything. The dancers were supposed to lift and twirl her in the air a few times, and that just wasn’t going to happen. The more complicated dance moves had to be erased because she couldn’t do them.”

Meanwhile, Spears was agitated because she didn’t like the outfit MTV had selected for her.

“MTV wanted her to wear a corset outfit. It would have looked great and covered a lot of things up, but she hated it and didn’t think it was sexy enough.”

Instead, Spears changed into a spangly bra-and-underwear outfit she’d brought with her that emphasized her weight gain over the last year.

September 10, 2007

Brit Boo-Hoos After VMA Bomb

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Brit Boo-Hoos After VMA Bomb –
reports that Britney J. was so upset about her flabbily frightful lip-not-quite-synching that she lost it not long after, though no word if it might’ve had anything to do with Sarah Silverman’s zinger — calling her kids “the most adorable mistakes” as well.

Pretty much all reaction has been similar to the line taken by the New York Post, which wrote, “[Brit] jiggled like Jell-O … [she] didn’t seem to care that she danced like she had a pantload [or] that her lips weren’t synched …”

Seriously, folks. I boycotted watching award shows ever since Shawshank got the shank, but after reading and hearing about how horrific this was, I tracked it down on MTV.CA….and oh my lord….it was like *I* was up there doing a Spears song. I give her credit in that she was under a lot of pressure, but pressure she brought on herself. She should have been rehearsing that shit for 2 weeks, 12-14 hours a day. She looked like she just found out she had to perform that same day. Ugh.

August 30, 2007

Britney / KFed documents

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0830_brit_kfed_full_wm_01.pdf (application/pdf Object)

For you legal types, here is the link to the paperwork of Loser vs Loser.  $737,000 a month is all she makes? Seems low, no?

August 29, 2007

Chaotic Britney bares her soul…and her bottom

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Chaotic Britney bares her soul…and her bottom | the Daily Mail

Some loser forgot to put her pants on…

Britney Spears Turned Down ‘Umbrella’

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Britney Spears Turned Down ‘Umbrella’ – Starpulse News Blog
He made the revelation to British singer/songwriter Taio Cruz. Cruz says, “I was working with Tricky in his studio the day he finished Umbrella. As soon as I heard it I said, ‘That is a smash, I have to have it,’ but he told me it was on hold for Britney. He waited but Britney’s people never called him back.”

In 2008, all dictionaries will have the following photo beside the word “loser”:

July 28, 2007

The Life Of Hollywood Assistants

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Access Hollywood | Access Investigates: The Life Of Hollywood Assistants | Celebrity and Hollywood News

Thinking of becoming an assistant to a Hollywood star?  How does $300 a week grab ya?  Check out this article and maybe re-think your starfilled plans.

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