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September 13, 2007

Jessica Alba’s Love Rival Comes Forward

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Jessica Alba’s Love Rival Comes Forward – Starpulse News Blog
Pretty blonde Vera Mishina tells the publication she spent a night partying with Warren in New York, and then a morning making love to the producer – only to discover she was just “a one-night stand” and her lover was already back with his famous ex.

The 20-year-old Russian passed a “rigorous” lie detector test before the Enquirer ran with her saucy expose, but that hasn’t stopped Warren from threatening to sue.

Cash Warren is an idiot. Seriously. We are talking JESSICA ALBA and you see some Russian chick within days of your breakup? It would take me 3 years, minimum, to try and get Alba back. I’d eat worms. I’d lick the streets of New York. Hell, I’d work for Live Nation. IT’S JESSICA ALBA…..for reference, see this:

jessica alba


September 2, 2007

Alba + Cash = :(

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Gandolfini, Sarandon a match in ‘Cigarettes’
Jessica Alba and Cash Warren have been spending a lot of time together lately, sparking talk of a reunion.


Anyway, she has been shooting most of this week in Toronto, so I need to really think hard about whether this is true or it is the miserly press trying to keep us apart.

August 23, 2007


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Jessica Alba and Cash Warren8/22/07 Jessica & Cash Gallery | POPSUGAR – Celebrity Gossip & News.

Seems like Cash & Alba might be back together. This sucks. I’m hoping this is a goodbye meeting and Jess has finally told him about me. It’s only right that he should find out from her.

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