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September 13, 2007

His lucky star

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“Where’s the nearest bank machine,” Farrell asks Mott.

He returns with a wad of $20s. AND, he arranges to pay a year’s rent on a nice room for Stress back up Bloor St.

The total tab must be near 10 grand.

Two and a half hours after Stress was swept off the street, he is back at Bellair and Cumberland.

“Where the hell you been?” says Bill Ikos.

“I’m all set up,” says Stress, a tad frazzled. “This is my chance to get off the street.” And he walks away.

“Amazing,” Bill tells me. “You hear about someone like Al Pacino giving $100 bills. But to take a guy shopping and try to help turn his life around?”

Incredible story…and to think the last time he was here, Colin’s big press was about him going to a strip club.


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