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August 29, 2007

Jennifer Aniston Is Generous With Her Friends

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Jennifer Aniston Is Generous With Her Friends – Starpulse News Blog
“Jennifer pays for everything all the time,” insider tells Star. “If she plans a vacation, you know she’s footing the bill for her entire entourage.”

“Jen’s assistant books it all,” the insider continues. “The planes, the cars, the hotels, the meals, the activities, the spa services, the clothes they wear on vacation, the cocktails – it’s so over the top! She’s like the sugar daddy everyone wishes they had, except she’s a woman! You could call her sugar mama!”

Okay, so wait. She asks you to go away with her, she pays for the whole thing, and you get to be within 5 feet of Jennifer Aniston???  This is like Santa extending the 21 days of Christmas.  Goddamn!!!


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