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September 13, 2007

50 Cent Blaming Interscope For Poor Album Sales – Starpulse News Blog

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50 Cent Blaming Interscope For Poor Album Sales – Starpulse News Blog
Speaking to DJ Angie Martinez on New York radio station Hot 97 on Wednesday, he says, “To be honest the process of selling this record hasn’t been fun. I’m happy with the performance, but I’m not happy with the set up. We had conference calls and after we created this plan, nobody actually had a plan.

“It was the label. They’re dropping the ball all over the place. I’ll release my next album and then I’m a free agent.”

Not so sure, Fiddy. Maybe speak to your agent, the one who allowed Kanye to out-screentime you on the VMAs. It was like the Kanye & Justin show….and YOU had the duet with Justin. You should have been all over that screen and you weren’t. That’s an agent issue, not a label issue. Get out there and tour, you lazy bastard.


September 12, 2007

Kanye: MTV Exploited Britney for Ratings

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Kanye: MTV Exploited Britney for Ratings
Kanye West blames MTV for Britney Spears’ less than stellar performance at the Video Music Awards. “Man, they were just trying to get ratings, and they knew she wasn’t ready and they exploited her,”

You know, I’m not a huge Kanye fan and his comments normally make me sick, but he is dead on here. It was a ratings ploy and it was obvious, especially when MTV denied 2-3 weeks ago that Britney would be appearing, even though she was in rehearsals to do so.  They got what they wanted since I can’t believe they would get higher ratings than last year if they didn’t have Britney.

Also, kudos to Justin Timberlake for 2 swipes at MTV for not playing videos anymore. Kind of makes that award show a little useless, no?

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