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September 13, 2007

His lucky star

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“Where’s the nearest bank machine,” Farrell asks Mott.

He returns with a wad of $20s. AND, he arranges to pay a year’s rent on a nice room for Stress back up Bloor St.

The total tab must be near 10 grand.

Two and a half hours after Stress was swept off the street, he is back at Bellair and Cumberland.

“Where the hell you been?” says Bill Ikos.

“I’m all set up,” says Stress, a tad frazzled. “This is my chance to get off the street.” And he walks away.

“Amazing,” Bill tells me. “You hear about someone like Al Pacino giving $100 bills. But to take a guy shopping and try to help turn his life around?”

Incredible story…and to think the last time he was here, Colin’s big press was about him going to a strip club.


August 23, 2007

This is gonna be huge….

Justin Timberlake just signed on for The Love Guru, the movie that features the return of Mike Myers and also stars Jessica Alba. Huge, I say. Well, except for Vern Troyer, he is kinda small.  Filming starts in Toronto in September.  Can you imagine the paparazzi here during those few months?!

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