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August 23, 2007

This is gonna be huge….

Justin Timberlake just signed on for The Love Guru, the movie that features the return of Mike Myers and also stars Jessica Alba. Huge, I say. Well, except for Vern Troyer, he is kinda small.  Filming starts in Toronto in September.  Can you imagine the paparazzi here during those few months?!


August 10, 2007

Three get intimate with ‘Guru’

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Three get intimate with ‘Guru’

Okay, first I heard Mike Myers asked Alba to be in his next movie. I thought, okay, cool. Then I heard Vern Troyer (Mini-me) was going to be in it. I thought, wow…that is messed up. Imagine the sex scenes? THEN I heard that the movie will be shot right here in Toronto. Which means, of course, 3-4 months of Jessica in my own backyard.

MIKE MYERS FOR PM!!!! MIKE MYERS FOR PM!!!! I love that guy!!! He’s the best! 🙂

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